Here are some of my presentations


Sustainable Transport Infrastructure

SDG4UNIS Event in Stuttgart1.11.2018
Sustainable Transport Master Plan Guatemala Proposal for a  Sustainable Urban Master Plan in Guatemala City
German Guatelmalan Chamber of Commerce
Transport Avoidance Transport Avoidance and Urban Settlement Planning
Cities for Mobility, Stuttgart, Workshop 12.6.2014

Integrierte Stadt-und Verkehrsplanung Nachhaltige integrierte Stadt- und Verkehrsplanung in Afrikanischen Städten am Beispiel Windhoek, Namibia
DECOMM 2014, Köln13.03.2014

Modal Choice for Mass Rapid Transit Decision criteria for a rational Modal Choice for urban Public Transport systems International Urban Mobility Forum, Florianopolis, Brazil April 2011
Leapfrogging from Rural Hubs to New MarketsNew approaches for rural freight transport planning in Developing CountriesConvention on Rural Roads,  Arusha, TanzaniaNovember 2009
Bioenergie: Problem oder Chance?Übersicht über Optionen der Nutzung von Agro-Energie in EntwicklungsländernEirene Seminar, StuttgartOktober 2008
External Costs of Maritime Shipping in EuropeCalculation of environmental cost of maritime transport in EuropeFOVUS: Networks for Mobility, StuttgartSeptember 2008